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PHP Backend Developer

Company Description

Liquid Media is a Digital Media Agency targeting the Greek Market. Liquid Media's brands are constantly growing, with more than 12 million unique users and 250 million page-views per month, covering different age and interest groups. Some of our brands are:

  • Neopolis

You can find all of our brands here.

In order to support our brands, an in-house Social media team has been created and now is in need of one more member.


If you are not sure if you are the right candidate, below you can find a list with requirements that we would like to see in you.

  • Have a degree from university in Greece or abroad with main subject Information Science or Software Development
  • Be the one that would like to go out for a beer on Friday Night rather than stay home and code
  • Have 3 or more years working experience
  • Be the one that when he/she is working in team knows how to collaborate and work hard towards the best possible outcome
  • Have real working experience on projects using PHP & MySQL and ideally with Drupal CMS 8/9
  • Be the one that will laugh with our jokes (even the rare times they will not be that good)
  • Have experience on Object Oriented Programming
  • Be the one that will give positive feedback instead of plain criticism, plain criticism kills creativity
  • Have a decent level of confidence using Version Control methods like GIT
  • Be the one that will support the team when it is needed, because at the end of the day team spirit is the most important thing
  • Have worked again with Web Services REST (JSON, XML) & SOAP
  • Be the one that will wear his/her headphones instead of asking the others to turn down the music
  • Have experience on designing and using Databases mainly MySQL or other Relational Databases
  • Be yourself

Also good to have knowledge of:
  • Javascript, Javascript Libraries (jQuery), Javascript frameworks (Angular, React, Vue, etc
  • HTML 5 & CSS/CSS frameworks (ZURB Foundation, Bootstrap)


  • We evaluate time and personal life as one of the most important factors for a happy employee. That is why you never going to stay overtime, or receive a call during non-working hours except of our messages on FB containing most of the times "worth-mentioning" facts and jokes (you are always welcome to mute the conversation) and GIFs.
  • Some of our brands are the leaders on their category, like the 1st sport news website in Greece. That gives you the opportunity to develop solutions that will be tested from millions of unique users
  • We like to test new technologies and we believe in the personal growth of our employees. That is why every employee is encouraged to propose new ideas and to attend conferences or study e-courses with relative subject to our domain.
  • Our wages are well placed within the market, and we always trying to reward the devotion and the good work.